How to Contribute to our "Big Break Fund"

We have updated our perks.


Just as the Sundance Film Festival provides the opportunity of a lifetime, a name, a venue and other financial support to up-and-coming films, NYMF does so for musicals, and like the filmmakers, it is up to each playwright to actually create the musical.


There are several ways to contribute.  Thanks so much for your help and belief in this project.


$25+ - Shout out on web and digital Bad Ass Beauty EP

$50+ - also one signed CD from bookwriter Stefanie Seskin' catalog & some little schwag

$100+ - a cool credit as "Production Associate" and some more little schwag

$150+ - also one more signed CD from bookwriter's catalog (2 total)

$350+ - also one more signed CD from bookwriter's catalog (3 total)

$1,000+ - The above and a signed copy of the scrip + 2 free tickets

$5,000+ - The above and members of the cast and crew will come to your event and perform songs from the show in your home or a venue you provide.

1. Cash, Check,

    Paypal, Venmo

    DIRECT (preferred)

Your entire contribution goes directly to the production. Email us for more info

Or use paypal and send to STEFANIE@BLUENUMBERNINE.COM


from the dropdown menu

3. Tax deductible


2. Tax deductible



Mail to: 

New York Musical Festival

36 W 44th St Sute 1010A

New York, NY  10036

In the MEMO section you must write

Bad Ass Beauty: The Rock Opera

4. Paypal


While not tax deductible, you can use PayPal through this fancy form if you prefer not to use your credit card

or contribute DIRECTLY to:

Visit NYMF's site for more information about the costs of  PRODUCING A FULL PRODUCTION

So much goes into producing a professional musical.  Your funding covers on an ongoing basis:

Staffing:  General Manager, Producer, Stage Manager, Sound Designer, Lighting Designer, Costume Designer and most importantly, Actors and Musicians and others; Legal Fees; Promotion; Music Transcriptions, Photocopies, This website, Program placement, insurance, banking costs and so much more.  We are happy to provide you with the complete breakdown.  Shoot us an email!

What does NYMF pay for?

NYMF provides a framework to allow the shows to be produced much less expensively, and takes care of the big-ticket items – the performance venue and venue staff, the major marketing, a generous lighting package and major overall technical support.

NYMF spends about $30,000 per show to provide a package of resources and services (which would cost much more for an individual, independent production). These resources include:

  • An Off-Broadway theater in which to perform the shows, equipped with an extensive lighting and sound plot

  • A band package including keyboard or piano, drums, guitar and bass amps, music stands, chairs, etc.

  • Wireless microphones and instrument microphones, and all the perishable equipment needed to use them

  • A sound engineer (A1) to mix and deck sound assistant (A2) to help with wireless microphones

  • Tape, gel, and other incidental tech needs, as well as a steamer or iron for wardrobe

  • A technician, production manager, box office management, and house management in each venue

  • Marketing assistance through the NYMF website, Festival-wide materials and advertising, Festival press/media outreach, and promotional events

  • Access to NYMF-specific discounts on rehearsal space, costumes, and other equipment, and an outside marketing and printing for each of the NYMF productions