FEB. 16


May 23, 2018


Thanks so much to all of these fabulous people who have recently shown us their belief and enthusiasm about this show.  We are the financial underdog in this festival and knew it going into the festival but it was just too great an opportunity.  THANK YOU:  Sandra Mihalis, Rachel Seskin, Rodney Wilson, Susanna Martin, Denise McMullin, Shina Fritz, Ronnie Carter, Sheri Sumner, Thomas Makies, Paula Cagnetti.

Special thanks to repeaters Kathy Byrne and Susan Harris!

May 11, 2018

Final Cast Member added

Today we added our final cast member to the company.  Visit our Cast & Crew page to read about him and while you're at it, if you haven't read all the bios yet, be prepared to be impressed!

May 8, 2018


We added some perks for those who contribute to our BIG BREAK FUND.  We will be sending out individual emails to all previous contributors!

April 26 2018

SHOUT OUTS and other news....

SHOUT OUT to Morgan Rose Fite and Mike Wartell.  Thanks for your generous contributions!

Other news -- stay tuned.  Performance dates will be released any day now.  Join our email list to stay in the loop.

Keep sharing links to our site, Facebook and other social.  Word is starting to spread!

Last but not least, it would seem we now have our entire cast!!  WOO HOO.

April 22 2018


Great news!  Thank you so much to our friends and family who have helped produce this show so far.  We have retained a general manager, paid the NYMF submission fee, covered our Equity Principal audition cost and paid a music transcriber to created sheet music for all of the songs.  TOTAL:  $9,625.  Thank you so much for your generous contributions!  Please share info about this show with your friends.  Funding-wise, we have a long way to go.

April 18 2018


SHOUT OUT to Juan Araya.  Thank you so much for your generous contribution!

April 12 2018


SHOUT OUTS - Thanks to Tristan Thompson, Rebecca McGrath, Damonie Bowman, Venus Lindo, Emily Goodman, Craig Mclaughlin, Donna Welsh, Eulalie Lynch, Josh Wolin, Arieh Bellehson, Felicia Gray, Kimberly Adams, Gaye Ann Bruno,  and Jay Pollack.

and REPEATERS:  Greg McLoughlin and Richard Boeth

April 9 2018


At some point, we'll put a list of all donors, but for now, thanks very much Barbara Abseck and Aubrey Sherif for your help with this production.  Your donations mean so much!!!!

April 8 2018

.... and another SHOUT OUT!

Big thank you to our latest donor Victoria Aquino!

April 5 2018

Shout outs!

Shout out to our latest contributors:  Jon Wheeler, Aaron Wheeler, Hank Stone, Ada Rovatti, Dee Dee Miles, Joseph T. Shavel, Michele Crowe and David Helmick.  Thanks so much.  Rock on!

March 29 2018

General Manager found!

Super important to find a General Manager to handle all of the business aspects of producing a musical and we found a great one!  Before we sign a contract with them, like with any business professional, we must pay a retainer.  Please donate $20 (or more if you can afford it) today so that we can raise this money by next week and remain a part of the festival.

March 22 2018

Article in the Burlington County Times

Check out this article in the Burlington Country Times about Stefanie Seskin, writer of the book: 


"Musical written by Willingboro native selected for New York Musical Festival"

March 15 2018

Shout outs!

Thanks to all of our contributors so far for helping us continue as a New York Musical Festival (NYMF) production!  Special thanks to:


Susan Clydesdale Harris, Dolores Skerritt, Danielle Skerritt, Meagan McLaughlin, Paula Breck and Kathy Byrne and Gail Plautz, my boss of 16 years, for the endless support of my art and the generous donation.

Thank you to:


Tim Kuratek, Lisa Bianco, Bill Ferrazzano, Mark Nyon, Rick Boeth, Steve DeFala, Mary Shaffer, Roger Silverberg, Billy Clarke, Greg McLoughlin, Todd Gilman, Mary Kouw, Gail Schulman (for the video, too), Ken Stemmer, Jim O'Donnell, Peter Knox, Arieh Bellehsen, Kathleen Soule, Susanna Martin and Michelle Crowe for the photos.

March 7 2018

Tax deductible donations now available through the NYMF fiscal sponsorshop

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