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Round 2 - Donations

Thanks so much to our donors so far! One donor gave $1,000! So so awesome. Our next goal is coming up in April and we are about to sign on a General Manager and pay some legal fees (man, musical intellectual property rights are complicated!)

Should out to all of donors so far --

Susanna Martin, Paula Breck, Kathy Byrne, Mary Nyon, Dani Elle, Rick Boeth, Meagan Mclaughlin, Steve DeFala, Mary Shaffer, Roger Silverberg, Billy Clarke, Gregory McLoughlin, Todd Gilman, Mary Kouw, Gail Schulman, Timothy Kuratek, Ken Stemmer, James O'Donnell, Peter Knox, Kimberly Adams, Susan Clydesdale Harris, Arieh Bellehsen, Dolores Skerritt, and Kathleen Soulé.

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