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Ways to find funding

Hey, guys. Some of our well meaning friends have asked us why just donations? Have we started an Indiegogo campaign... Have we tried getting grants... Have we tried finding investors. The answer is we will be starting an Indiegogo campaign to expand our reach of looking for donations. The verbiage must first be approved by the NYMF, since we are under their auspices.

We have scoured the internet for grant opportunities and were able to find quite a few that would be interested; however, so far, everything we've found already distributed the monies for 2018. One must apply the year before.

As for investors, we cannot seek out investors. The NYMF is a non-profit organization and this is not a Broadway show in which any investor would recoup, but rather it is a chance for exposure to a huge number of industry professionals, which probably will include investors. It will include regional theater managers looking for fresh musicals to bring to their stages and also press in major publications. So thank you to all who have contributed so far to help all involved change our lives and achieve our dreams!! It's a hard rock life.

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