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Writing songs for a musical vs. band

My background is that of a musician playing in bands and running a band and writing songs for that purpose. I formed my band "blue number nine" in 1995 as an outlet for the songs I was writing. The band existed until our last gig in 2009. A long run! After that, I didn't write a new song for 9 years! Until this musical. I set out to write a tune to replace one of the main character's monologues... tell the story in a song. After the first reading, the folks at the reading suggested I do that. I took their advice and sat down to write this song, called "I'm Still Singing" and had a great time doing it!! When writing my own material to perform with the band, I often asked myself insecure questions such as "Is this too deep?" "Is this not deep enough?" "Is this corny... catchy... contrived... derivative... preachy... too wordy..." and on and on and on. I was my worst critic. But writing a song for a musical is totally different. A musical has a structure and the singer is a character so there are no rules... none of those nagging questions... the song is just telling the story. This process was exhilarating! An entirely new experience. I loved writing this song and it felt like this is the type of songwriting I am supposed to do. I can't wait to do it again if I have the opportunity. I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to create this show!

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